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Whack the Cheater

Whack the Cheater - Enjoy playing this game at the Comfort of your Home !

InWhack the Cheater game you have caught your husband cheating on you and you decide to take revenge not on him but the other woman who has stolen him from you! Choose one of a variety of objects to punish the cheating woman and make her pay for taking your husband away!

Controls of the Game

Use your [MOUSE] to whatck that m***f** in the face for cheating on you

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Do you really need tips how serve him revange of you life time for cheating on you? I didn't think so, WHACK THAT BASTARDS!

game review

Whack the Cheater is really fun game to play. Especially if you are frustrated young lady who just caught her husband or boyfriend with her best friend on your favorite spot. In this game you have power to whack him and get away with it, hit it like you mean. Its not fair what bastard did to you, you can hit it hardest you can and make him pay for it. Its a real deal, do it girl... feel good about yourself.