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Whack A Hoe

Whack a Hoe - Enjoy playing this game at the Comfort of your Home !

Whack a Hoe is a crazy game when you have role as a pimp. I suppose we can define annoying hoes in many ways, the hypercritical one is perhaps just one type. Then there's the plain rude one, the grumpy one, the nosey one and the secret serial killer who never comes out of his house until it's dark.

Controls of the Game

Use [ARROW] keys to move.

Space bar to whack the hoe.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Whack a hoe as fastest as you can

Dodge hoes from hitting back

Collect cash every day

Be a true PIMP

game review

Whack a Hoe is seriously insane game. I would reccomend for people who are not 18, but 21... just for any case. In this game you play as mighty Pimp. Who need to control dam hoes. In order to complete this game, you must whack as many as you can those damn hoes. But overall is really funny game. So if you ever wondered how its like to be a real street pimp, this game will make you laugh and I'm sure you will have alot fun with it. Good luck, PIMP!