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Whack Your Neighbour

Whack Your Neighbour - Enjoy playing this game at the Comfort of your Home !

Whack Your Neighbour is designed to help you relieve your built up anger against your annoying neighbour in a harmless way or anyone else you may really p**s you off. Featuring 32 ways both creative and brutal, to murder your angry neighbour, you will feel at ease after your first kill. If one kill doesn't do it we have another 26...

Controls of the Game

Just use you Mouse for clicking stuff

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

You really need tips for this game? Come on... use your imagination

game review

Whack Your Neighbour is recommended for players aged 18 and above. Playing our game means you absolve us of any responsibility in real life of you bringing harm or commiting any violent act to anyone or anything. This game is purely for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken seriously. If you having violent thoughts towards harming someone, please consult a doctor or psychiatrist.